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Your Key to Legal Compliance

After our founding Attorney, Kimberly L. Forino spent nearly a decade managing a legal department for a heavily regulated New Jersey health service company, Ms. Forino was inspired to create a cost-effective model of "in-house" legal services that small businesses can utilize and easily implement across many areas.  There are some fundamental areas that all business operations should comply with, regardless of industry.  In addition, some enterprises are also governed by specific state and federal regulatory mandates.

The law demands that business owners comply with and implement these requirements, which can be confusing, and thus ultimately neglected when daily business operational stresses take over.  Unfortunately, failures to meet statutory and regulatory requirements can lead to expensive fines, suspension of business licenses or operations and costly litigation.

Forino Law understands and sympathizes with the plight of small business owners trying to navigate these requirements.  Today's very complex regulatory and litigious environment threatens the viability and financial stability of all businesses.  Forino Law is small- business friendly and works to provide cost-effective ongoing legal compliance solutions that will help reduce the threat of liability exposure and costly litigation.  Forino Law's legal services ensure that business owners can focus on managing their affairs while confidently complying with the law in an efficient, cost-effective and stress free manner.

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Your Key to Legal Compliance

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