Philosophy & Mission: "Each Day is a Stepping Stone to a Greater Tomorrow" 

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Attorney Kimberly Forino is a trusted, strategic small- business legal adviser, who knows that a strong legally compliant foundation is a source of strength and prosperity to any business venture.  Neglecting applicable legal and regulatory requirements results in hefty fines, sanctions, business license suspensions, and expensive litigation with monetary penalties.  Ms. Forino teaches business clients to appreciate how complying with the law and other regulatory requirements is a worthy foundation upon which to build the business that actually increases profits and adds positive value to the organization.

Although the law and regulations may seem confusing, painful and impossible to deal with to some business executives, Ms. Forino is experienced in simplifying this process and communicating practical processes and solutions that ensure long-term success.  Ultimately, a business's legal compliance plan should become a routine part of its operations that it basically "runs" itself.

Forino Law's overhead costs are kept at an absolute minimum without the pressures of meeting annual "billable" requirements.  Most small businesses find this refreshing as compared to other law practices.  Forino Law prioritizes client communication and delivers services in a thorough and diligent manner.